Modern Apartment Interior Design Model

Modern apartment interior designs are being quite interested by many apartment owners. It is quite difficult to be able to design the interior of the apartment to both optimize the area but also show the imprint and individual style of each apartment owner. Therefore, it is necessary to choose reputable and highly specialized design units in the field to be able to realize the idea as expected.
Modern Apartment Interior Design Model
Modern apartment interior design

I. What do apartment interior designers need to prepare?

  1. The first step in designing the interior of an apartment , you need to choose for yourself reputable and professional design and construction units. In this era of technology development , finding design and construction units is quite easy. For example, being introduced by acquaintances or through social networking sites. Before choosing, it is necessary to look through the feedback and reviews from customers to be able to choose the most accurate way.
  2. After selecting the right unit, the next step is to make a contract and negotiate in detail with the selected unit. In the design-construction contract, it is necessary to pay attention to 3 main issues that are: Project construction progress – Construction items – Quality of each construction item.
  3. Finally, it is necessary to monitor important items when constructing the interior. Important items to mention such as: electricity and water system, electrical wiring, painting process… Homeowners should monitor the implementation process of the unit to avoid errors, not as expected. 

1. Note the interior design and construction of the apartment building

Modern apartment interior design model
Modern apartment interior design model
It should be noted when designing the interior of the apartment in order to limit the problems that may occur. To be able to realize the idea, the personal color of the owner of the house is difficult. Therefore, there should be some notes to make the process perfect.

1.1 Light element

Modern Apartment Interior Design Model
Modern Apartment Interior Design Model
Lighting is an important element in apartment interior design . It can create a more perfect living space for apartment owners. A suitable lighting system can increase comfort, creativity and relaxation. In addition, light can create unique visual effects. That, helps create the feeling of a larger interior space. While designing lighting, it is necessary to consider color, brightness, light direction and light distribution.

1.2 Decorative furniture

Modern Apartment Interior Design Model
Modern Apartment Interior Design Model
In interior design and construction, decorative furniture plays an important role in creating a modern and comfortable living space. Choosing the right furniture will help increase the aesthetics and comfort of the room. To achieve perfection in interior design, it is necessary to consider the color, material, size and style of the decorative furniture. 

1.3 Color element

Modern Apartment Interior Design Model
Color elements in modern apartment interior design
Color is an essential element in interior design. Color can create an energizing or relaxing space, depending on the intended use. Choosing the right colors can create a beautiful and comfortable space, increasing harmony and balance in the living space. When designing, pay attention to the color coordination between the interior and the walls, floor, and ceiling.

1.4 Special highlight for space

Modern Apartment Interior Design Model
Special highlights in apartment interior design
For the living room, the selection of furniture or decorations in the room such as vases, plants, pillows or outstanding paintings will make the room more prominent and attractive.

2. Apartment interior design sample

2.1 Modern apartment interior design

Modern apartment interior design trends are preferred by many people today. Interior design in this style will focus on usability and versatility, and combine with modern decor. Modern design style with smart, modern design, saving space with small space.

2.2 Interior design of the neoclassical style apartment

Neoclassical style apartment interior design is a harmonious combination between classic beauty and modernity. This style often uses winding lines, floral motifs, wood materials and brass decoration to create a classic look. In addition, the use of chandeliers and wall lights is also an important highlight to help create a luxurious and cozy space. However, when designing the interior of a neoclassical apartment, it is necessary to pay attention to choosing the right colors and materials for the living space to create a harmonious and fully functional space.

2.3 Interior design of apartment 45m2

Modern Apartment Interior Design Model
Interior design of apartment 45m2
For the interior design of a 45㎡ apartment , the most cumbersome details should be avoided. Furniture should have compact dimensions suitable for the purpose of living space. Scandinavian style is the style that perfectly meets these criteria.
In Scandinavian style, multi-purpose furniture can be used to optimize space. Using the right apartment furniture will make your apartment more spacious. The typical colors that you can use in this design style are white, gray. In addition, it is possible to create accents with furniture with outstanding colors such as yellow and blue.

2.4 Interior design of apartment 70m2

Modern Apartment Interior Design Model
Interior design of apartment 70m2
For those who love pure white tones, this design is definitely not to be missed for the interior design of a 70m2 apartment. Using white as the main color, combine with some warm colors to create accents and harmony for the apartment. In addition, the design of the living room connected to the kitchen also helps to save space in the interior design of the mini-apartment more effectively.

2.5 Interior design of apartment 90m2

Modern Apartment Interior Design Model
Interior design of apartment 90m2
With the interior design of the apartment 90m2, it is necessary to meet the daily activities for family members. Therefore, it is advisable to choose furniture with simple lines but still ensure maximum use. In addition, the lighting system should take advantage of natural light to save power consumption.

2.6 Interior design of a 2-bedroom apartment

Modern Apartment Interior Design Model
Interior design of a 2 bedroom apartment
Interior design style of 2-bedroom apartment in Indochine style (Indochinese style). This is a design style with a romantic twist with a bit of nostalgia following French architecture. When entering this design space, you will be completely captivated by the design.
The above article is the sharing of notes in the process of interior design and construction. At the same time, it has also synthesized modern apartment interior designs. Homeowners need to understand the important notes and issues and always accompany the construction design unit, in order to control effectively throughout the process. 
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